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The art of coverup tattoos!

Why do we need cover-ups?

Getting a tattoo is always a big and lifelong decision. But not every time it is the right decision. Maybe your choice of the tattoo was a result of an impulse or something that was once special to you but no longer is. Or maybe it’s something you no longer wish to have like your Ex’s name or simply because you grew bored of that tattoo.

Whatever the reason maybe, the burden of carrying an unwanted tattoo is real but it’s unnecessary, thanks to the option of tattoo cover-ups! With tattoo cover-ups, you have the choice to start fresh from a clean slate without having to be reminded of your regrets every single day.

What are tattoo cover-ups?

Tattoo cover-ups are when the best coverups tattoo artists get to work on an existing design and reshape it such that it becomes an altogether new design. Coverup tattoos can be done over an existing tattoo to alter it permanently or over a fading one to give it a new life. While tattoo cover-ups are not the only way to get rid of a tattoo, they are usually the most feasible way. Some reasons why people prefer having a coverup tattoo done is that it is the most economical option. Coverup tattoos work like a magic when you intend to get rid of you design and not the tattoo itself. Also having a coverup tattoo is a painless (or only as much discomfort as getting a tattoo) process. So if you have got an old tattoo that you don’t want anymore, you better leave it at the hands of the best coverup tattoo artist, and you would soon have abrand-new coverup tattoo design on hand.

There is another important thing that cover-up tattoos can help you with, and that is your scars. While we believe in wearing your scars proudly, there may be some scars that might be awkwardly positioned or simply make you uncomfortable or too conscious. Again, the best coverup tattoo artist can come to your rescue.

What makes coverup tattoos special?

The beauty of coverup tattoos is that each and every coverup tattoo has to be completely unique. Just like each tattoo is unique (at least most of the time) and how every scar is unique, the art of coverup tattoos must be also unique. This is because the best coverup tattoo design should be able to skilfully cover the existing work.

What’s the process of getting a coverup tattoo?

Once you walk in for a coverup tattoo, the first thing the best coverup tattoo artist at the Sam Tattoo are going to do is study your old tattoo. This bit of research is required so that they can come up with excellent designs for you that will blend in perfectly on top of the old ones. Some factors that they consider here are the colors and the size.

The colors of the coverup tattoo are generally chosen to be dark. This is because this new ink will now be sitting on the old one and you don’t want the old ones to show through. Though black would be the best color for a coverup, the best coverup tattoo artists will be able to mix up the right shades to give color and life to your tattoo. A fading tattoo is among the easiest to work with as the colors have already become light, but there still may be some stubborn colors.

The size of the coverup tattoo, given that it must be bigger than the old one depends on the location of the tattoo. The coverup tattoo design on hand would be differently sized than the ones on your back or leg. The area mapping and picking the right size is crucial so that the new tattoo doesn’t look awkwardly large or insufficiently small.

When to look for a coverup tattoo?

A cover-up tattoo is usually larger than the original tattoo. This is so that once the cover-up is completed, the whole design now looks like completely new coverup tattoo design. A coverup tattoo design is usually done in two ways. One is the seamless integration of the new design over the old one. Here the idea is to get a more detailed and modified version of what you already have. The other option is that you get a brand-new design drawn over the old one as though it was a clean slate. But whatever option you choose to go with, the most important part is you have the best coverup tattoo artists doing your work, otherwise you might end up with a coverup tattoo that lies over your old design awkwardly or worse, the whole tattoo now just looks like a terrible mess.

When to look for a coverup tattoo?

You need a coverup tattoo design on hand when you don’t like what you already have. Some cases are-

Your existing work is the result of bad art, and you don’t like what you have. Here just make sure that you reach out to the best coverup tattoo artist and trust them to magically transform it into a piece of beauty that you adore.

You have something that you don’t want anymore. Have you already moved on but are still stuck with your Ex’s name or something that reminds you of that relationship? Get a coverup tattoo design and give yourself a chance to start fresh.

Got a scar that you are not too proud to show off? All you need is a coverup tattoo design on hand and the scar will never again be the thing people look at your hand for (or wherever it is).

Tattoo getting old while you still enjoy your primes? Give your old friend a coverup tattoo design and show it off again like a brand new one.

Everyone deserves a second chance but make sure you choose the best coverup tattoo artists for a successful coverup tattoo, as this is your only chance to set things straight, and you don’t want anyone other than the experts on the job.

Once you think you are ready to get done with that old work, just contact our experts at the Sam Tattoos and you will soon have a tattoo you are proud of (and can show off)!


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