Our Artist Team


Tattoo Artist

Artist Extraordinaire!

"Always on his toes, ready to take on any challenge. The man behind this whole operation. He embodies art in every way."


Tattoo Artist

"The one who breaks into laughter in the most awkward situations. He can draw a straight line with the needle from North to South without batting an eye. King of roasting people."


Tattoo Artist

Our Andy is sweet as candy. Multitalented and always ready to do any task you give him. Master of minimal tattoos. Powder idli has his soul!



Co-founder and a pillar of our studio!

" The soldier who is never off duty. He can fix any problem you present him with. The Jugadu Jadugar of Sam Tattoo India! He is always stunned!"


Tattoo Artist

"The kid of the studio. Always laughing and cracking lame jokes. You will find him in a corner sketching always. A young soul full of potential. A great realism sketcher and an abstract machine."



Our in-house Diljit Dosanjh. Always pumped full of energy, Shayaris, and laughter. You will feel like you’ve known him for years once you talk to him. The brains behind our motto. #everysinglestrokematters


Tattoo Artist

"He might be born in the 90s but his soul is from another era. Great with numbers and needles. Optimist, determined, and always striving for greatness."



"The one you will always find dancing, rapping, and singing. Head full of creative ideas. The mastermind behind all the digital creations."


Tattoo Artist

"Camera shy is not a word in her dictionary. Bold and aspiring tattoo artist. Definitely on her way to becoming an amazing tattoo artist. If you can’t find her anywhere, you will find her with kittens or puppies in the vicinity. "