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Sam Tattoo India: Your Best Bet for an Armband Tattoo

Armband tattoos are, and always have been, a massive hit with customers at tattoo studios. Janis Joplin, who sported a sophisticated bracelet creation by Lyle Tuttle, was among the first famous people to wear an armband—or, more accurately, a wristband. In the ‘90s, armbands, especially barbed wire bands, were all the rage.

Many collectors nowadays still love the armband tattoo design and have their own unique styles. While some have become more imaginative by including floral patterns, geometric shapes and artistic brush strokes, others have stuck to more basic methods, such as a simple lines armband tattoo design.

So, if you are planning to get an armband tattoo, make sure to seek perfection, which you can definitely get at Sam Tattoo India.

What Is the Significance of an Armband Tattoo Design?

Tattoos are being seen as fashion accessories more and more. At this time, they’re everywhere. Ordinary people like the cosmetic benefits of tattoos and have them done on their skin. Armband tattoos, which are noted for their unique designs, have grown in popularity over the years.

Most of these designs are fascinating; getting one tattooed into your body will be an exciting and memorable experience. Traditional tribal tattoos originated in Southeast Asia and the islands of Polynesia. These designs, in the opinion of some, resemble personal coats of arms. Many armband tattoo designs represent strength, love, community and wisdom.

Different Types of Armband Tattoos

It turns out that a lot of our favourites, including Zayn Malik, Jason Momoa and Mary J. Blinge, have been wearing armbands for years. Here are some of our favourite armband tattoo designs created by skilled artists from all across the globe:

Solid Black Armband

People who want to express themselves visually typically go for a solid black armband tattoo design. The belief that it depicts death is a common inspiration for this armband tattoo for men. Inking solid black armband tattoos is a way for people to remember a lost loved one. These tattoos signify the passing of a loved one by means of a thick black armband or many smaller bands.

Hexagon Armband

Various tattoos include hexagons, as they are among the most symmetrical geometric shapes. There is no exception for intricate geometric pattern armband tattoo designs as well. The tattoo extends into the third dimension, and the black, crisp and precise ink gives this endless armband a unique depth. The pattern of the hexagon gives this tattoo a more contemporary vibe.

Hawaiian Armband

Though it may seem similar to tribal armbands, the Hawaiian armband is a way to showcase and learn about the immensely diverse and rich Hawaiian culture. Different geometric designs, seashells, marine creatures (such as dolphins) and other oceanic symbols (such as waves) are popular alternatives for Hawaiian armband tattoos. Many people also use plants and animals native to Hawaii, including the island’s volcanoes.

Religious armbands

The ink that imitates a real leather bracelet, sleeve or watchband can go halfway or all around the arm and look like an accessory woven into the skin. With thin lines and shades, the illusion of sculpture is created. Realistic armband tattoos look like three-dimensional tattoos on the skin.

Laborate Tribal Motifs Armband

There are several tribes that have used tribal armbands for thousands of years. It is not surprising that laborate tribal motifs armband tattoo designs are very popular, given that tattooing and inking have been part of their history for many generations. Each member of the tribe is identified by their abstract nature and description, which is further shown through tribal armband tattoos. They use inked tattoos to express themselves, connect with their environment and become one with it.

Realistic armbands

Religious armband tattoos show one’s faith or symbolise a particular religion. Such tattoos can be used to commemorate deceased family members or friends, signify a religious rite of passage or indicate the body owner’s religious affiliation. This circular form depicted unity, eternity, wholeness and perfection to the wearer.

Count on Sam Tattoo India for an Armband Tattoo

Whether you are looking for a simple lines armband tattoo design or an intricate geometric pattern armband tattoo, getting inked at our tattoo studio will make the experience a memory of a lifetime. Sam Tattoo India cannot wait to create the magic for you.

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