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Sam Tattoo Studio is one of the best tattoo parlours in Mumbai and always has something new and exciting to offer to tattoo lovers. We are skilled in inking elaborate designs and proudly display a variety of styles. We also offer piercing and tattoo removal services.

Why Choose Us?

Sam Tattoo India strives to be the best in the world of tattoo and Professional piercing services through the efforts of our incredibly talented and extremely creative professional workforce. We cater to people looking for unmatched craftsmanship, and we are incredibly proud to offer outstanding customer service. We are well aware that our reputation is built on the calibre of our work and the satisfaction of our customers, and we welcome the multiple opportunities and challenges that will contribute to our legacy. We have committed to strive for greatness from the beginning, and we won’t budge from that pledge.


Creating your dream tattoo should be simple and safe. The best way to turn your ultimate tattoo idea into a reality is to work with a custom tattoo studio in Mumbai. At Sam Tattoo India, our team is here to assist you whether this is your first tattoo, you are adding to an existing tattoo, or you are simply unhappy with the way your last tattoo turned out. We make tattoos that are unique and hold meaning for you.

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professional piercing services


Your go-to place for a personalized piercing experience. We do piercing for different body parts like ears, nose, and belly button. Our key goals are health and safety. To ensure the highest level of safety, our piercers use sanitised, single-use equipments. You will also receive thorough aftercare instructions as part of the experience to help in the healing of your brand-new shining stack.

Laser Tattoo Removal

You don’t have to put up with unpleasant tattoos anymore, whether they’re poorly done artwork, your ex’s name, or a passing craze that you swore you’d love forever. The removal of tattoos is now quicker, safer, and simpler thanks to technology that reduces the number of sessions needed, lessens discomfort and speeds up the healing process. Get your unwanted tattoo removed at Sam tattoo India, one of the best tattoo parlours in Mumbai. We use a safe, highly effective tool to altogether remove the tattoo pigments from your skin with a high-intensity light beam.

Laser tattoo removal
Nail Art Service

Nail Art

Nails have always been a part of fashion; even in earlier times, women colored their nails with the help of natural herbs and colors like henna, lac, etc. This fashion trend has now evolved into a fashion statement, and many celebrities and well-known names in the fashion world are now regarded as fashion icons owing to their unique nail art. In India, nail art is now trending, and if you are looking for a professional nail art studio for nail art in Malad, Sam Tattoo Studio is the place to go!

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