Shiva Tattoo

The Shiva Tattoos - India, Symbolism, and Significance

Taking the phrase – Hidden in plain sight to whole new levels, the incarnate art of tattooing allows you to wear your stories on your skin wrapped in mysteries and adorned by art.

A tattoo is a way to breathe life into what holds meaning for you. It could be something that empowers you or is sacred to you. One such beautiful concept is the art of Shiva tattoos. The best Shiva Tattoos are always elaborate and deep-meaning art in themselves.

Called the god of gods or Mahadev, Shiva is known as the epitome of power and tenderness. A significant deity in Hinduism, Shiva, and the concept of Shivam is rich with symbolism, each with its own deep meaning and significance.

Best shiva tattoos

The legend of Lord Shiva portrays him in various forms and avatars. He is known as Mahakaal – the all-powerful destroyer and master of time, Adiyogi – the ancient yogi or the meditator, Bolenath – the kind and innocent one, Nataraja – The king of dance, Omkareshwar – The embodiment of the holy sound ‘OM’, and Ardhanareeshwar – The unified form of shiva and shakti as the symbol of duality, among his many other forms.

Each of his forms has its own legend and symbolism attached to it. Rightly known as the god of all, each believer of Shiva has a connection to one of his forms, and this explains why most of the best Shiva tattoos are never the exact same design.

While a common reason behind getting a lord shiva band tattoo remains religious beliefs, there are so many other reasons why people choose to get Shiva, or one of his many symbolisms inked on them.

In lord shiva portrait tattoo, some may find the representation of the eternal cycle of life and death, the remainder of the transient nature of existence. While for some he is the representation of transformation and rebirth symbolising growth and restarting life from scratch.

Some see him as a protector and the Shiva tattoo is for them a talisman, a guardian, and a sense of hope, a source of strength to rely on. And for some others, it may purely be a way to express their belief in the mighty god, a symbol of spirituality and religion.

While the reason and significance vary from person to person, what remains common is the love for Shiva tattoos. And at times, you might not know how to find the right way to express that. While you know you need a representation of Shiva with you, the options and variety make the process of picking the right one overwhelming. The trick is to go with what appeals to your heart. Here are some forms and symbolism of lord shiva portrait tattoo for you to pick your best Shiva tattoo.

Different Types of Shiva Tattoo

Mahadev tattoo


The ultimate form of Shiva represents him as the great god or Maha-Dev. This is Shiva in the true sense without any of his avatars just as Hinduism describes him. People who want to express their devotion to Shiva without much conceptualising, tend to choose this form of mahadev tattoo ideas.

Natraj shiva tattoo


The Lord of the Dance in his eternal state of cosmic dance, this form of Shiva symbolizes the never-ending cycle of time and portrays him as the emblematic of creation, preservation, destruction, illusion, and emancipation.

Shivaparvati tattoo scaled


The half male half female forms of Shiva, representing his union with Shakti. This form symbolizes duality and the fine balance between the feminine and masculine energies. Those who want to express their connection with balance and harmony find this the best Shiva tattoo for them.

Adiyogi tattoo


The ancient yogi or the meditator form of Shiva depicts calmness and serenity. The embodiment of truth and knowledge, the meditator pose attracts people who seek the truth themselves and find a connection with meditation.

Aghori tattoo-1


Aghori tattoo designs represent freeing oneself from all illusion and embracing primitiveness. Surpassing all fears and understanding that everything is Shiva, symbolises purity to those who believe in it. The wanderer form of Shiva as an Aghori sadhu is the best Shiva tattoo for those who wish to embrace fearlessness with a touch of spirituality.

But the art of Shiva tattoos does not stop at inking various forms of Shiva. Other commonly preferred ways of visualising Shiva through a tattoo are customizations by combining various forms and avatars, getting your Shiva tattoo conceptualised around themes, and including words of significance both symbolic and personal.

Symbolisms associated with Shiva are popular among people who do not want elaborate or bigger tattoos while still feeling connected to Shiva. Some of the commonly used symbolism include the third eye which depicts enlightenment and the ability to observe the chakras and auras of the body, the Trishul which represents the three gunas and upholding of the three aspects of consciousness and the symbol of power and protection, and the Damru which is a representation of the cosmic sound that creates and sustains the universe. It is said to represent the rhythm of life, death, and rebirth.

The other symbolisms include the Vibuthi (sacred ashes), rudraksha, OM (the symbol of the divine sound), the serpent, and river Ganga which is often combined with other forms of Shiva tattoos and symbols to form some of the best Shiva tattoos. Some people also prefer tattoos of the name chants of Shiva like Om Namaha Shivaya or the Mrityunjay mantra, either as a standalone or in combination with other tattoos of Shiva.

That was a quick brief of what some of the best Shiva tattoos look like. But we understand that the process of choosing your tattoos can be more complex and deeply personal. So, if you still need help customising and expressing your story get in touch with our experts and they will help you finalise your personalised best Shiva tattoo.

Get your Shiva tattoo now and join the club of empowering people who share their stories through dreams, hopes, and the elaborate art of Shiva tattoos.


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