Piercing has become one of the most popular and well-known fashion trends. This fashion trend is gaining popularity, especially among millennials. Piercing is a beautiful way to express your values, beliefs, and passion. 

Sam Tattoo Studio is one of the best body Piercing Services in Malad, Mumbai to visit if you’re thinking about getting one. We have a team of trained, professional, and friendly body piercers that are always willing to assist. Our piercing studio is open seven days a week, so there’s always someone present to answer your questions. We at Sam Tattoo Studio are dedicated to offering a perfectly hygienic, secure, and welcoming environment for body piercing.



Piercing Is An Art

We provide an unmatched level of tattoo and piercing hygiene environment, which makes us one of the best tattoo and piercing services in Malad. After a few years of diligent study and practice of piercing and its process, we believe that we have a deep understanding of all of its fundamental elements. This leads us to the conclusion that piercing is an art form rather than merely the technique of sticking someone with metal shafts and needles.

We deliver above and beyond expectations by paying close attention to detail and quality. To ensure that the piercing process is secure and hygienic, we employ high-quality standard products and a hygiene system. Our artists have spent a lot of time honing their skills over the years to reach their specific levels of proficiency.

Popular Types Of Piercing

The level of pain can vary depending on the person and the location of the piercing. However, the actual piercing happens really fast and by the time you feel the pain, it’s almost done. We use high-quality equipment and techniques in order to minimize thediscomfort as much as possible.
A small amount of bleeding is normal during the piercing process. However, bleeding should stop shortly after the piercing is complete. If you experience prolonged bleeding or excessive bleeding, please contact us immediately.
The cost of a piercing can vary depending on the type of piercing and it’s location. Please visit or contact us for pricing information.
We recommend getting your ears pierced with a needle rather than a piercing gun. Piercing guns can cause more trauma to the tissue and increase the risk of infection and complications.
It is common for a new piercing to swell for a few days after the procedure. However, if the swelling persists or becomes excessive, please contact us.
We recommend using a saline solution or a mild soap and water to clean your piercing. It is important to avoid harsh chemicals or alcohol-based solutions.
Symptoms of an infected piercing can include redness, swelling, pain, discharge, and fever. If you suspect your piercing may be infected, please get in touch with us immediately.
No, it is important to avoid rotating or moving the jewelry during the healing process. This can cause irritation and delay the healing process.
It is best to avoid swimming or submerging the piercing in water (such as in a pool, lake, or ocean) during the healing process. This can increase the risk of infection.
The healing time can vary depending on the type of piercing and the individual's body. On average, it can take 6-12 weeks for a piercing to heal completely. However, some piercings may take longer to heal. It is important to follow proper aftercare instructions to ensure proper healing.
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