Piercing has become one of the most popular and well-known fashion trends. This fashion trend is gaining popularity, especially among millennials. Piercing is a beautiful way to express your values, beliefs, and passion. 

Sam Tattoo Studio is one of the best body Piercing Services in Malad, Mumbai to visit if you’re thinking about getting one. We have a team of trained, professional, and friendly body piercers that are always willing to assist. Our piercing studio is open seven days a week, so there’s always someone present to answer your questions. We at Sam Tattoo Studio are dedicated to offering a perfectly hygienic, secure, and welcoming environment for body piercing.



Piercing Is An Art

We provide an unmatched level of tattoo and piercing hygiene environment, which makes us one of the best tattoo and piercing services in Malad. After a few years of diligent study and practice of piercing and its process, we believe that we have a deep understanding of all of its fundamental elements. This leads us to the conclusion that piercing is an art form rather than merely the technique of sticking someone with metal shafts and needles.

We deliver above and beyond expectations by paying close attention to detail and quality. To ensure that the piercing process is secure and hygienic, we employ high-quality standard products and a hygiene system. Our artists have spent a lot of time honing their skills over the years to reach their specific levels of proficiency.

Popular Types Of Piercing

This is without a doubt the most popular and well-known type of ear piercing among all others. The lobe of the ear, which is fleshy and soft, is pierced. With parental consent and supervision, this kind of piercing is most commonly performed during the early years of life. Popular in every way, the majority of ear accessories available in every offline and online store cater to this type of piercing.

One of the few non-facial piercings to enter the list of top ten is the navel piercing, which makes it stand out. Although they are more vulnerable to infections, belly button piercings offer a simple yet extraordinary appearance. The piercing will remain clean and healthy if it receives the proper care and is done by professional piercing services.

When it comes to fashion and accentuating facial characteristics, a nose piercing tops the list as one of the most popular types of body jewellery, second only to lobe styles of ear piercings.

A medusa piercing, one of the most eye-catching styles of piercing, is placed at the cupid's bow, the dip just above the centre of your lips. It is a striking, edgy, and extremely delicate-looking piercing that requires a lot of aftercare.

An ear/bridge piercing, a type of facial nose piercing, gives your face a touch of edgy splendour. This piercing, which is not very common, will definitely give you a distinct style. It is one of the piercing types that calls for skill and extensive aftercare.

Industrial piercing, a two-hole piercing on the upper edge of the ear, is quite fashionable and in vogue. This type of piercing is also known as a "scaffold" piercing and is distinguished by a bar-shaped piece of jewellery that joins the two holes.

A Daith piercing is among the most painful and edgier types of ear piercings to get. It is done in the middle of the inner cartilage of your ear. This kind of piercing is exceptionally appealing and has a unique appearance that is likely to grab attention.

One of the most appealing piercing styles is the conch. These piercings, which are named after shells or "conches," are done in the middle of your ears. Conch earrings are among the most adaptable designs with the most potential for experimentation because this is the ear area with the largest space.

A helix piercing, one of the spunkier types of ear piercing, is a type of cartilage piercing that is placed at the curl on the outside of the upper edge of the ear. This type of piercing, which is typically performed with a little needle, is less painful since it is located on a more fleshy part of the ear's edge. This is another one of the more prevalent ear piercing styles besides lobe piercing.

Tragus piercings are a simple way to increase interest in your ear candy because they are located immediately in front of the ear canal. You can go modest with a small diamond or go for a more eye-catching earring, such as an evil eye.

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