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Jun - 24

Common Challenges in Cover-Up Tattoo Designs and How to Overcome Them

It’s important to make a decision to get a cover-up tattoo if you already have a tattoo that you want to obscure or alter. However, some general issues are often encountered with the cover up tattoo designs. Below is a list of those challenges and some recommendations to make sure the new artwork is nothing less than fantastic.

Seeking the Services of a Competent Cover-Up Tattoo Artist

One of the major issues with cover-up tattoos is that it may be hard to find a decent artist to do the work. It is more challenging to cover up an old tattoo because of the artistic aspect of the new design and its relationship to the body. The best cover up tattoo artist will understand how to employ tricks such as shading, colouring and even overlooking the new tattoo with the old one. They also help you select another design which is suitable to be worn when covered up. Therefore, don’t just ask any tattoo artist to work on your covering tattoo; take your time and find the best cover-up tattoo artist in your region.

Getting the Right Design That Fits Your Body Shape

Another aspect to be taken into account with cover up tattoo designs is how the design will look on a specific area of the body. The new design is not only intended to hide the old tattoo but also to blend it harmoniously with the lines of your body. Discuss with your cover-up tattoo artist the appropriate themes, sizes and proportions that work best for your body type. This makes your ink blend with your skin.

Picking the Right Colours

For cover-up tattoos, artists employ one fundamental method, which is using layers of colour to conceal the prior work done. The problem with selecting colours randomly is that it may create a situation where the old tattoo can be seen, or the new one may look blurry. The best cover up tattoo artist will first identify which colours were used before that caused havoc to your old tattoo and then choose colours that eliminate the problem. Generally, colours that are similar or related in some way are effective in concealing colours well, thus making the use of complementary colours advisable. Let your artist decide on the colours since they understand the work of colour cancellation and mixing.

Summing Up

Creating a second layer for unwanted tattoos involves planning and skill to ensure the cover-up looks perfect. Consult with the best cover up tattoo artist and get your unwanted tattoo covered with another meaningful design.

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