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Nails have always been a part of fashion; even in earlier times, women colored their nails with the help of natural herbs and colors like henna, lac, etc. This fashion trend has now evolved into a fashion statement, and many celebrities and well-known names in the fashion world are now regarded as fashion icons owing to their unique nail art. In India, nail art is now trending, and if you are looking for the best nails art salon for nail art in Malad, Sam Tattoo India is the place to go!

Beautiful nail designs enhance your appearance and clearly complement your attire for any party, event, or special occasion. With beautiful nail art, even your everyday outfit can look cool and stylish. Moreover, getting your nails done can be a relaxing and pampering experience that can boost your confidence and self-care routine.

Visit Sam Tattoo India, the best nail art studio in Mumbai, if you want to give your nails a treatment that goes beyond the standard manicure. We are the best nail art studio in Mumbai where beauty and artistry take place together. Whether minimal and chic or bold and vibrant, our professionals create nail art that captivates and complements your every mood. Reverse one-stroke nail art, American, Russian, and French manicures, poly gels, pedicures, gel nail paint, nail extensions, 2D and 3D nail art, and wedding nail art designs are just a few of the many services we offer.

Ensuring unparalleled excellence and an exceptional client experience is the cornerstone of our work. Our team of specialists is dedicated to delivering precisely what you envision. If you want to get the best solution for your nails while staying within your budget, our best nails art salon is the place to visit. Make an appointment with us for nail art in Malad right away and take care of your nails.

Our Nail Services

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Artistic Nails

Let our artists create a beautiful and sustainable nail art design for you. The aim of our nail art studio in Mumbai is to provide the best nail designs along with excellent customer service.

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Just Gel Polish

Give us a chance to polish your priceless nails. Get any look for your nails, whether glossy, glittery, or matte, become obsessed with them, and give yourself a chance to have them.

Russian manicure scaled

Russian Manicure

Russian manicure at our nail art studio in Mumbai exclusively concentrates on the health of your nails, in contrast to other manicure procedures that concentrate on length, form, and design. No matter how brittle your nails are, it helps to restore their health.

Acrylic extension

Acrylic Extension

A nice set of nails is a requisite for any outfit. Sam Tattoo India, the best nails art salon, provides all beautiful people with the best natural and elegant acrylic nail extensions. Acrylic nail extensions are extremely sophisticated, long-lasting, and provide the desired, lovely nail length. Our team consists of professionals with extensive training and expertise in their respective fields, including nail technicians and specialized artists.

Gel extension

Gel Extension

Gel nail extension at our nail art studio in Mumbai is the most popular service. In comparison to regular polish, gel extensions offer a more natural appearance and glossy finish. In comparison to natural nails, gel nails are flexible and simple to remove. If gel extensions are something you have been waiting to get, make a reservation right away and get the lovely Gel Nails.

Press ons nail

Press On Extension

If time is something you are always short of, we completely understand that. Press-on extension could be a great option for you and has fantastic visual appeal both in reality and in photographs. You can get cost-effective Press on Nail Extensions from Sam Tattoo India, the best nails art salon.

Extension removal scaled

Extension Removal

If you find removing extensions to be a tedious process, visit Sam Tattoo India, the best nails art salon, and take off your extensions without buffing.

Poly gel scaled

Poly Gels

If you love acrylic nails, then you should also look out for poly gel nail enhancement. The best explanation of Poly gel nail enhancement is a hybrid solution that combines the flexible application of gel nails with the durability of acrylic nails.

Our top-notch team of professionals will provide painless nail bed treatment with no nail bed damage. Make an appointment right away for comprehensive nail treatment.

At Sam Tattoo India, we believe that word-of-mouth marketing of a satisfied customer is the best form of marketing any service could have. We work hard every day to give our customers a sense of value and joy so that we can organically build up a base of recommendations from friends and family.

We communicate with customers on a regular basis, providing unique services with top-notch products while putting a strong emphasis on reliable service quality which ultimately helps in growing a large following of undeniably fabulous women.


To optimize your nail art, proper nail preparation is essential though not demanding. The nail technician will handle all necessary prep work to ensure flawless results. They’ll remove any old nail polish and file your nails to your desired shape and length. Then, push back your cuticles gently with a cuticle pusher or orange stick. They can also buff your nails lightly to create a smooth surface for the nail polish and nail art to adhere to.
Yes, it is absolutely safe to get nail art done at a parlor as long as the proper sanitation and hygiene practices are followed. Make sure the parlor uses clean and sterilized tools, and that the nail technician wears gloves during the service.
Nail art itself does not damage nails, but improper application or removal of nail art can cause damage. At Sam Tattoo India, we use quality products to prevent peeling, cracking, or weakening of the nails.
The type of nail you have, the products used, and the method of application all affect how long a set will last. Hard gels and acrylics can be extremely durable if applied properly (on specific nail types). Designs made of soft gel and covered in hard gel maintain their appearance for about three weeks before chipping and lifting start.
Yes, nail art can be done on short nails. In fact, some designs can look better on shorter nails. You can also create illusions to make your nails appear longer with certain nail art techniques.
The cost of nail art can vary depending on the complexity of the design, and the parlor/professional. Contact Sam Tattoo India to know about our prices.
The soft gel lasts longer than regular nail paint but is not resistant to bending and breaking while hard gel protects the natural nail from bending and breaking by strengthening it. You can fill it or soak it off.
The time required for nail art can range depending on design intricacy and technician skill level. In general, a simple polish and accent design may take 30-60 minutes while more complex styles or extensions can take 2-3 hours or longer.
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