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Jun - 23

Brand Collaboration: Sam Tattoo India X JayWalking

Take a glimpse of the tattoos

Jaywalking is a street wear based fashion house. Mumbai born, Jay Jajal launched his own Indian street wear label, ’JAYWALKING’’ in 2019.

The fashion house creates gender fluid ready to wear and custom made clothing. The collections are designed in jay Jajal’s signature’s style. The Indian brand was one of the first of its kind to create a niche category in the country.

Jay has always been interested in various forms of arts since he was a child, he has been into doodling which has led to a successful brand today. Many celebrities love to express their art through Jay’s creativity.

What’s interesting about his doodles is that he draws the design based on the person’s personality, their expressions etc. Jay is very insightful and a good people reader this helps him build a connection with his audience and he knows exactly what they want.

We consider tattoos to be a form of expression. These designs convey something that words cannot express. Whether you’re trying to hide a scar, get a meaningful tattoo, or just want to try something new, we understand the idea and feeling behind it. Therefore, we strive to meet the requirements of each of our clients through a personalised approach.

We work with our clients collaboratively on new ideas incorporating our expertise to achieve a high-quality design. We provide suggestions to our clients and create designs that speak out their personalities through their tattoos. As tattoo artists, our achievement is when our client leaves with their new tattoo, proud and satisfied. We keep a friendly environment in our studio to express their ideas and have a comfortable experience.

Sam Tattoo India is an affordable tattoo studio in Mumbai that specialise in various tattoo styles such as traditional, oriental, and free-flowing script tattoos. We are known for breaking boundaries to provide you with a genuinely unique and creative piece of art.

We believe it should be simple and safe to get a tattoo. That’s why we work hard to ensure it becomes easy and enjoyable for you to select a professional tattoo artist, schedule an appointment, and have a tattoo that you love, whether it’s your first tattoo or your fiftieth.

We maintain the hygiene of our studio with proper protocols keeping in mind the safety of our clients. We strive for providing you with an experience as good as ink on your body.

~ by Saiyam Patel

Seeing as people all across the globe, including some of the biggest celebrities like; Liza Koshy, Rema, Divine, AP Dhillon, Ranveer Singh and many more were appreciating his unique and quirky art, he had an idea of turning these doodles/designs into something more permanent, he came up with an idea. Let us tell you how this idea came to be.

We have a client, more like a friend now, who has been getting her tattoos done by Sam Patel since a number of years who happens to be a fan of Jay and his clothing line. She had recently come back to India and visited Jay asking him for a tattoo design idea in Jay’s signature style, and Jay had come up with a design that Khushi, our client could get done. So there she was ready with the design and came in to the studio to get the design tatted on her. As expected it turned out pretty good and we had created a reel for the tattoo and tagged Jay and his brand and it caught his attention and that’s how the whole thing where Jay designs the tattoos and we do them started.

In March 2023 Jay had announced that he is going to be hosting an event at his JAYWALKING store in Mumbai, where he will do freehand designs on the people who wish to get a tattoo in Jay’s signature style. That’s when we had reached out to him and said that we would be up for doing the tattoos for him at the event, he said yes and the rest is history.
So there we were at the JAYWALKING store, mesmerized by the interiors and how well they reflected Jay’s own style, waiting to get started. Let us tell you, we had only been expecting a maximum number of 20 people who would actually come and get the tattoo, but were shocked to see that JAYWALKING is not just a clothing line for people but a way of living, and we ended up tattooing more than 200 people in 2 days. We had started at 11 am on 26th March, 2023 and we were tattooing nonstop till 10 pm. and by 27th March we had done more than 200 tattoos.

To say that the response was more than we expected would be an understatement. By the end of the second day Jay had done freehand designs on more than 200 people. This was a nonstop and exhausting process but it was exhilarating to say the least.

Not to mention, there were people who wanted to get Jay’s artwork tattooed on them but couldn’t because the turnout was huge and we could not accommodate everyone.

We were so impressed by both Jay and his team and our team to see such dedication and gumption. Kudos to both our teams for executing such an experience flawlessly for all the people involved.

After seeing what a huge success this event was at the JAYWALKING store in Mumbai, Jay decided to host the same event at his Delhi store in Dhanmill.

Jay and his team and our team had instantly hit it off during the first event. They are all very down to earth and humble people. Special thanks to Jay’s sister Hiral who also has her own clothing line “HIRO” who made sure our team was comfortable as they can be, always asking if they wanted something to eat or drink, just taking care of them like they were all long lost friends who had just reunited.

This bond or connection or whatever you want to call it was the reason that Jay had reached out to us for a similar event at his JAYWALKING store in Delhi. This event was supposed to take place on 11th and 12th of June, 2023. Our team reached the store on 11th morning and again was surprised to see that Jay and his fans truly share a unique bond and yet again ready to get Jay’s design imprinted on themselves permanently. We ended up doing close to 200 tattoos at JAYWALKING Delhi too.

And just like our experience at Jaywalking Mumbai, Jaywalking Delhi had a lot to offer in terms of fantastic people, the overall experience and the opportunity to be a part of something that none of the people involved can forget for the rest of their lives.

We thank Jay, Hiral and their teams from the bottom of our hearts for giving us a chance to be a part of this unheard ever before and one of a kind experience and most of all the friendships and bonds created that will be cherished forever. We look forward to many such events with JAYWALKING in the future to come!!


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