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Sep - 23

From Ink to Glory: Winning Big at Tattoo Conventions

Self-taught tattoo artists, often referred to as “scratchers” in the tattoo industry, are individuals who have embarked on a unique and independent journey into the world of tattooing. They do not receive any formal training or apprenticeship to refine their art, all they achieve is through trial and error. Practicing on friends, family, willing volunteers and sometimes on themselves too. They heavily rely on resources like books, videos etc. We too have one such self-taught artist “Saiyam Patel”. Sam is the man behind Sam Tattoo India. Having started learning tattooing by watching YouTube videos, saving money to buy his own machine and going to friends and family’s homes to do their tattoos to owning two tattoo studios in Mumbai, he has come a long way. The road was not easy but it was worth it.

Today, Sam has his own standing in the tattoo industry. Almost all of the artists in the Indian tattoo industry know and respect him and some from the international tattoo industry too. Besides working hard and being determined about where he wants to take his legacy one of the other important things to be known and respected and revered in the industry is to participate in conventions and tattoo showdowns to showcase your art. Sam has a number of accolades to his name and he managed to bag one more at Ink Soul Tattoo Festival in 2022. Sam was only there to support our other artists who had decided to participate, but when he saw that there was an opportunity for him to show his skillset he didn’t back down. The category he participated in was cover up tattoos. Sam is a fantastic cover up artist. He chose to cover up an old chest tattoo that our human canvas had.

It took hours of tattooing on the human canvas and trying his very best to cover up the tattoo on the chest, chest cover ups are harder than they look, but Sam is no stranger to a tricky placement. He chose to cover up the tattoo with a Shiva design accompanied by a galaxy in color in the background. To say it turned out superbly would be an understatement. It was now time to go up the stage and let the judge decide our fate. There was our human canvas standing on the stage and waiting for a judge to hand out cards to the canvases.

Soon enough our gracious human canvas had enough cards in his hands for us to know that we are going to be winning in this category too. At last, the host started announcing honorable mentions first and then actually announcing the winners of the category. 2nd runner up was announced, it wasn’t us. The tension was building, it felt like a climax of a movie playing out in front of us. Sam’s badge number was 8 that was stuck on the human canvas’ pants, we were screaming number 8 number 8 like a bunch of lunatics.The people standing around had also joined in started yelling Sam’s number, it was a sight to behold. Then she said “’and the first runner up with a divine design is”…… Sam Patel!!!!! We were jumping like maniacs and shouting his name and hugging anyone we could find, even the strangers around us were coming and congratulating Sam and us after the announcement. Sam walked up to the stage and we were feeling so proud that we could burst with happiness. It was the last day of the convention and 3 out of 5 of our artists had won in their own categories. It is safe to say that we left our mark there.

Sam always says focus on the art and the rest will follow. He continues to prove this time and again, we couldn’t have had a better mentor than him. Here’s raising a toast to Sam. ‘’As you ascend to greater altitudes, remember that the sky is not the limit, but merely a stepping stone. Here’s to your continuous journey to even higher heights!’’

Sep - 23

Epic Ink-Off: The Moment Our Artist Won In His First Convention

Tattoo conventions are more than just gatherings of ink enthusiasts; they’re vibrant celebrations of art, culture, and personal expression. These events bring together tattoo artists, collectors, and enthusiasts from around the world to showcase their skills, share their stories, and immerse themselves in the world of body art. In this blog, we’ll take you on a journey through the dynamic atmosphere of a tattoo convention, from the buzzing tattoo machines to the meaningful connections made between artists and attendees.

In 2022, we had participated in Ink soul tattoo festival which was held in Bangalore. 5 of our artists had participated in the convention in different categories. Most of our artists were doing something like this for the first time, it was exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. The festival was a 3 day event and artists participating in different categories had to tattoo on different days. In that event we met so many wonderful people, some artists, some tattoo enthusiasts and many just spectators. It is safe to say that we made friends that will last for life.

Bhavin Gandhi is our resident artist who was 21 years old at the time of Ink Soul Tattoo Festival. Bhavin had participated in large black and grey tattoo category. He had been preparing for the convention for a few months and had taken his time to create a design that he would be tattooing in the convention, the details and art form was difficult to achieve in the time limit that was given at the convention, but, Bhavin isn’t anything if not resilient, determined and focused to the T.

After tattooing for 2 days in sessions of 7-8 hours each day it was finally time for the judging to begin.

We were all very nervous and Bhavin especially since it was his first time taking part in a competitive event and for good reason. All the other artists participating in the large black and grey tattoos were much older and much more experienced than Bhavin. It was an overwhelming moment, we were standing there in the auditorium praying and holding each other’s hands waiting for the judges to make their decision. There were more than 6 judges for each category and all masters of their craft. If the judge liked your design they would hand the person who you tattooed a card. Just like that the first judge who walked up to our canvas gave him a card and it was like we were on cloud nine, Bhavin on the other hand was getting nervous by the second. A few minutes went by and Alex Van Dutch who is a very renowned artist in the U.S.A and also the world came up to our canvas and handed our canvas another card, and another came soon after, just like that we knew that Bhavin was in the running to actually win a prize in the category he had chosen. All the judges had made their rounds and it was finally time to tally the cards everyone’s canvases had. The counting was done and it was time to announce the winners. More than 20 artists had participated in the large black and grey category, Bhavin had won 2nd runner up in the category. I think it was a very proud and inspiring moment to everyone, to see an artist who is only 21 and has been tattooing only for 2 years has won in a category where artists with more than 15 years of experience had participated in. The moment Bhavin went up to the stage to receive his award, we were standing in the auditorium close to the stage and howling and jumping like crazy people and cheering him on. This just goes to show that your age or experience may be less, but if your dreams are big and you are determined to achieve them, no one can stop you!

Sep - 23

From Aspiring Artist to Rising Star: Ankit’s Journey to Winning the Young Talent Award at a Tattoo Convention

Upcoming tattoo artists are the vibrant and innovative souls who are breathing fresh life into the world of body art. They bring a unique blend of passion, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the rich history of tattooing. We too have such an emerging talent at Sam Tattoo India, this person is not just an ink slinger; he is a story teller, using the human canvas as his medium to craft narratives, express emotions, and create visual masterpieces. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to mastering his craft, he constantly pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of tattooing. As he carves his path in this age-old art form, we can see that the world of tattooing is always evolving and discovering new creative ways to narrate your perspective through body art.

November 2022 was a very important year for our artist Ankit Parmar. Like many up and coming artists, especially artists who are very young and don’t have any or enough experience in the industry aspire to make a name for themselves early into the business. But, this doesn’t come true for a lot of artists. Ankit was an exception, his hard work and attention to detail in everything that he does had brought him to a point where he could see one of his dreams coming true.

Ankit had participated in a category that was introduced for the first time at any convention, the YOUNG TALENT CATEGORY Where all the artists were preparing their designs and starting to do the stencil on their human canvases, Ankit had no idea if he was even going to participate as he had already participated in calligraphy tattoo category the previous day and we didn’t have any human canvas for him to tattoo on. But as luck would have it, he decided to enter the YOUNG TALENT CATEGORY and we started looking for a canvas, we asked around the convention to the people who had only come to see the festival, we asked other artists participating if they had someone available who would become a canvas for Ankit. Finally, we found a woman who agreed to get a tattoo from Ankit for the category he was competing in. While all the young artists who were in the same category were doing tattoos that were no less than a half sleeve tattoo, our resident artist Ankit chose to do a tattoo that was maybe 5-6 inches in size overall. Ankit had decided to do a minimal realistic tattoo, which he is great at. He has been tattooing for only 2 years and was 22 at the time of the convention.

The tattoo was of “Jordan’s” the famous Nike shoes. A black and grey design but realistic. After many hours of tattooing nonstop, it was finally time to head to the stage where the judging would happen. Like every round, the judges walked the stage and looked at the tattoos done by the artists participating in the Young Talent category. Some of the artists had managed to finish tattoos that were covering more than half the arm or leg. We were very nervous when the judges were looking at the tattoo done by Ankit, it was the smallest tattoo in the entire convention done by an artist in any of the categories. To say that we were nervous would be an understatement. Soon enough, the judges started giving our canvas the cards and really squatting to see the tattoo up close. Finally, the results were being announced and held our breaths, Ankit was a nervous wreck and finally hearing the host announce that Ankit had won the 2nd runner up in the YOUNG TALENT CATEGORY made us all jump with sheer happiness and pride. This was the second win of the day for team Sam Tattoo India. To see Ankit run up the stage and accept the award has us all in tears. The judges were having a hard time believing that he was only 22, seeing the kind of detailed tattoo he had finished in the given time frame had the judges all shocked. They say you never forget your firsts and I am sure Ankit will remember this exact moment for many years to come.

Aug - 23

Cover Up Tattoos: Turning Your Tattoo From Zero To Hero

Tattoos last a lifetime, but your feelings or attitude about getting one may change. Tattoo regret is one of the most common concerns people have when considering getting inked. There are a variety of reasons why someone could decide they no longer enjoy their tattoo. 

Perhaps it has reached the level of cliché. Or maybe it has simply healed poorly and looks smeared or isn’t up to par. If you already have a tattoo you regret and you discover a superior artist, you may get a cover up tattoo to hide the old one. You may achieve a whole new level of artistic expression and conceal your regrets with tattoo cover-ups. And it’s always preferable to have a laser procedure done. It’s less expensive and easier to deal with. Here is a rundown of everything you need to know if you want to take your tattoo from zero to hero status. 

Seeking Out the Creative

They are far more involved than just tattooing a design into a bare area of skin. Designing anything like this requires careful forethought and a solid foundation in inks. It’s crucial that you hire a good cover-up artist. Always read reviews and look at their portfolios before hiring anybody. Take into account not just the finished product but also the final appearance of the cover-up. If you can’t find an artist with a lot of experience with cover-ups, your tattoo will look terrible.

Options for Design 

There are limitations to what you can do when it comes to concealing a tattoo. The obvious solution is to make the new design bigger than the previous one. Therefore, you shouldn’t strive to fit the coverup into the same size. The artist has more room for innovation and higher efficiency in the execution of a bigger design.

When having a cover-up tattoo, how creatively should one be thinking?

The good news is that you may increase your design possibilities when working with a coverup artist. The top artists will listen to your feedback and make adjustments to the design accordingly. The artist’s goal is to come up with a layout that works well with the space available. Remember that the most successful cover-ups are meticulously planned. 

Cover Up Tattoos Using Blending Ink 

Your first tattoo ink is still in the lower layers of your skin since it was injected at least a millimetre into the skin during the tattooing process. When trying to cover up anything, new ink doesn’t just sit on top of the old ink. Actually, it mixes with it. Black and grey tattoos are easier to create for people who are just interested in having one. However, if you modify the colour, you’ll see a difference. The new colour will be made by combining the two inks.

It is unrealistic to imagine that a black tattoo can serve as a base for an orange overlay. However, if brown is what you’re after, the mixture of orange and black will provide a pleasing result. Colour choices are best left up to your artist’s discretion. They’ll have a clearer picture of how to adjust colour for the desired effect. If the odds are low, you may as well accept the artist’s recommended palette.

Contact Sam Tattoo India for cover up tattoo designs on hand of the best quality today!

Aug - 23

Minimal Tattoos in Pop Culture: Influences, Icons, and Trends

People have used tattoos as a form of body modification to express their beliefs, honour achievements, and demonstrate allegiance to communities and causes that are significant to them throughout history. Current tattooing trends are characterised by a variety of designs, techniques, and cultural influences, illustrating the industry’s accelerated growth in recent years. This article mentions the advent of minimalist tattoos, the allure of watercolour tattoos, and the fascinating blending of cultural traditions as some of the most recent tattoo trends popular among the best minimal tattoo artists.

Minimalist Tattoos and Their Historical Development

In this era of minimalism and clear lines, an increasing number of people are getting minimalist tattoos. These tattoos value restraint, as a result, they apply thin lines, delicate colours, and uncomplicated imagery to create subtle, gorgeous designs. Fine linework is a characteristic of minimalist tattoos, which place an emphasis on elements with significant symbolic significance. This movement may appeal to those in quest of a more refined means of self-expression. The wrists, ankles, and space behind the ear are common sites for minimalist tattoos, which offer an individual touch without overpowering the senses. Geometric patterns, single-line images, and brief motifs with significant personal significance are often used in minimalist designs.

Watercolour Tattoos: A Vibrant Art Form

Watercolour tattoos have grown in prominence due to their exceptional attractiveness and artistic appearance. These tattoos inspired by watercolour are beautiful and one-of-a-kind due to the way the ink combines and how the artist applies the design to the skin. The unpredictability of watercolour pigments can be imitated by creating multiple layers of translucent colours.

A Tapestry of Practises: Cultural Fusions

Cultural exchange has made possible the blending of distinct tattooing traditions in our globalised society. This trend combines elements from other cultures to create exclusive tattoos that celebrate diversity and demonstrate a global perspective. Cultural fusion tattoos are more than a passing fad; they represent the significance of diversity and the universality of the human experience. Painters often incorporate symbols, motifs, and iconography from various civilizations in order to create breathtaking and captivating works of art. Some individuals get tattoos to commemorate their travels, honour their progenitors, or demonstrate their profound regard for the world’s diverse cultures.

Technology’s Impact on the Development of the Tattoo Industry

In addition to fashion trends, technology has had a substantial influence on tattooing. The evolution of tattooing tools, inks, and maintenance has enabled the creation of more intricate and durable designs. Since they have access to more hues, artists can express themselves more freely. Lasers have made it significantly simpler for people to cover up or eradicate tattoos that no longer serve their purposes. Having the option to alter one’s tattoos in the future has increased one’s self-confidence and encouraged exploration.

Visit Sam Tattoo India to get the minimalist tattoo you desire from professionals!

Jun - 23

Brand Collaboration: Sam Tattoo India X JayWalking

Jaywalking is a street wear based fashion house. Mumbai born, Jay Jajal launched his own Indian street wear label, ’JAYWALKING’’ in 2019.

The fashion house creates gender fluid ready to wear and custom made clothing. The collections are designed in jay Jajal’s signature’s style. The Indian brand was one of the first of its kind to create a niche category in the country.

Jay has always been interested in various forms of arts since he was a child, he has been into doodling which has led to a successful brand today. Many celebrities love to express their art through Jay’s creativity.

What’s interesting about his doodles is that he draws the design based on the person’s personality, their expressions etc. Jay is very insightful and a good people reader this helps him build a connection with his audience and he knows exactly what they want.

We consider tattoos to be a form of expression. These designs convey something that words cannot express. Whether you’re trying to hide a scar, get a meaningful tattoo, or just want to try something new, we understand the idea and feeling behind it. Therefore, we strive to meet the requirements of each of our clients through a personalised approach.

We work with our clients collaboratively on new ideas incorporating our expertise to achieve a high-quality design. We provide suggestions to our clients and create designs that speak out their personalities through their tattoos. As tattoo artists, our achievement is when our client leaves with their new tattoo, proud and satisfied. We keep a friendly environment in our studio to express their ideas and have a comfortable experience.

Sam Tattoo India is an affordable tattoo studio in Mumbai that specialise in various tattoo styles such as traditional, oriental, and free-flowing script tattoos. We are known for breaking boundaries to provide you with a genuinely unique and creative piece of art.

We believe it should be simple and safe to get a tattoo. That’s why we work hard to ensure it becomes easy and enjoyable for you to select a professional tattoo artist, schedule an appointment, and have a tattoo that you love, whether it’s your first tattoo or your fiftieth.

We maintain the hygiene of our studio with proper protocols keeping in mind the safety of our clients. We strive for providing you with an experience as good as ink on your body.

~ by Saiyam Patel

Seeing as people all across the globe, including some of the biggest celebrities like; Liza Koshy, Rema, Divine, AP Dhillon, Ranveer Singh and many more were appreciating his unique and quirky art, he had an idea of turning these doodles/designs into something more permanent, he came up with an idea. Let us tell you how this idea came to be.

We have a client, more like a friend now, who has been getting her tattoos done by Sam Patel since a number of years who happens to be a fan of Jay and his clothing line. She had recently come back to India and visited Jay asking him for a tattoo design idea in Jay’s signature style, and Jay had come up with a design that Khushi, our client could get done. So there she was ready with the design and came in to the studio to get the design tatted on her. As expected it turned out pretty good and we had created a reel for the tattoo and tagged Jay and his brand and it caught his attention and that’s how the whole thing where Jay designs the tattoos and we do them started.

In March 2023 Jay had announced that he is going to be hosting an event at his JAYWALKING store in Mumbai, where he will do freehand designs on the people who wish to get a tattoo in Jay’s signature style. That’s when we had reached out to him and said that we would be up for doing the tattoos for him at the event, he said yes and the rest is history.
So there we were at the JAYWALKING store, mesmerized by the interiors and how well they reflected Jay’s own style, waiting to get started. Let us tell you, we had only been expecting a maximum number of 20 people who would actually come and get the tattoo, but were shocked to see that JAYWALKING is not just a clothing line for people but a way of living, and we ended up tattooing more than 200 people in 2 days. We had started at 11 am on 26th March, 2023 and we were tattooing nonstop till 10 pm. and by 27th March we had done more than 200 tattoos.

To say that the response was more than we expected would be an understatement. By the end of the second day Jay had done freehand designs on more than 200 people. This was a nonstop and exhausting process but it was exhilarating to say the least.

Not to mention, there were people who wanted to get Jay’s artwork tattooed on them but couldn’t because the turnout was huge and we could not accommodate everyone.

We were so impressed by both Jay and his team and our team to see such dedication and gumption. Kudos to both our teams for executing such an experience flawlessly for all the people involved.

After seeing what a huge success this event was at the JAYWALKING store in Mumbai, Jay decided to host the same event at his Delhi store in Dhanmill.

Jay and his team and our team had instantly hit it off during the first event. They are all very down to earth and humble people. Special thanks to Jay’s sister Hiral who also has her own clothing line “HIRO” who made sure our team was comfortable as they can be, always asking if they wanted something to eat or drink, just taking care of them like they were all long lost friends who had just reunited.

This bond or connection or whatever you want to call it was the reason that Jay had reached out to us for a similar event at his JAYWALKING store in Delhi. This event was supposed to take place on 11th and 12th of June, 2023. Our team reached the store on 11th morning and again was surprised to see that Jay and his fans truly share a unique bond and yet again ready to get Jay’s design imprinted on themselves permanently. We ended up doing close to 200 tattoos at JAYWALKING Delhi too.

And just like our experience at Jaywalking Mumbai, Jaywalking Delhi had a lot to offer in terms of fantastic people, the overall experience and the opportunity to be a part of something that none of the people involved can forget for the rest of their lives.

We thank Jay, Hiral and their teams from the bottom of our hearts for giving us a chance to be a part of this unheard ever before and one of a kind experience and most of all the friendships and bonds created that will be cherished forever. We look forward to many such events with JAYWALKING in the future to come!!


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May - 23

Everything You Need to Know About Cover-Up Tattoos

Although you may have put in the time and effort to get the tattoo you desired, it may not have turned out the way you hoped it would, or your preferences may have changed. In addition to laser removal, another option is getting a cover-up tattoo. A tattoo cover-up may transform a less-than-desirable tattoo into one you’re happy to show off. Read on for valuable guidance on where to get a qualified and the best cover up tattoo artist to cover up your tattoos.

Cover-Up Tattoo: What is it?

The best cover-up tattoo artists will help you redesign or replace your old tattoo with a new one. When you find a tattoo artist you like, they will discuss the various methods of hiding unwanted ink. The possibilities, especially in terms of colouration, are sometimes limited by the layout of the tattoo being covered up. A cover-up tattoo can also be used to conceal a previously existing tattoo that has faded.

How Exactly Do Tattoo Cover-Ups Work?

Covering over an existing tattoo needs more than simply getting a new one over it. Your tattoo inks were placed at least 1 mm into the dermis layer (below the epidermis) when they were originally applied. Cover-up tattoos include depositing ink in the same spot as the original tattoo, so the new ink will blend in with the old. When two inks are blended, a new colour is produced; for example, if you have red ink already on your skin and then apply blue ink as a cover-up, the resulting pigment will be purple. When doing cover-up work, darker colours will take precedence over brighter ones. Because of this, black is the go-to colour for covering up errors, even if it isn’t the most popular choice for overall aesthetics. If you have an existing tattoo that you wish to hide, it’s important to find an artist who can analyse it and come up with a solution that you’ll love.

How to Get a Cover-Up Tattoo

The first step in getting a cover-up tattoo is for the artist to take a photo and import it into Photoshop. The artist may layer several designs on top of the existing tattoo in Photoshop, making the cover-up design process simpler. Modifying Photoshop to include new preferences. If you let the design merge with your current tattoo, you can see how the two will look combined. This will allow them to draw a fresh design around the tattoo’s major characteristics and completely hide the affected region. Leading cover-up tattoo artists like Sam Tattoo India are skilled in hiding the original tattoo with new, eye-catching artwork. However, some of the darker inks may still show through. To achieve complete concealment, the cover-up tattoo is always made bigger than the original. Covering up a tattoo is easier if it is old and fading. For the finest effects, a cover-up should be done in dark, bold tones.

After getting a cover-up tattoo, make sure you do everything the tattoo artist tells you to do to avoid skin problems or infections and to make sure the tattoo lasts as long as possible.

Contact Sam Tattoo India to get the best cover-up tattoo right away!

May - 23

12 Ways to Design a Better Tattoo Sleeve

A full sleeve tattoo design is an excellent way to show the world your own style and to flaunt the values that you hold dear. The first step in tattoo sleeve design is settling on a style, theme, symbols, pictures, and colour scheme for the whole piece. You may plan your sleeve’s design by deciding where the major elements will go and what themes will link them together. In order to finalise the design and give your tattoo sleeve ideas in physical form, you need to see a competent tattoo artist.

Here are the top 12 ways to design a better tattoo sleeve:

1. A sleeve is an arrangement of pieces or a fluid mixture.

As the old adage goes, there are several approaches to solving a problem. This choice is entirely up to you. It’s the skin you’re in. The visual effect of a custom-designed tattoo sleeve is immense. On the other side, you could be more flexible with a collection-style tattoo sleeve.

2. Sleeves are little tattoos.

Even if it’s insane, professional artists will think that. One arm is a sleeve. Consider the remainder of the body.

3. Limit size.

To avoid displacing bigger tattoos. Today we discuss a sleeve, but who knows what tomorrow may bring? That began with this tattoo, right? 

4. Use vertical rather than horizontal reference images.

They work better with the same-oriented tattoo sleeve.

5. Keep your sleeve tattoo simple.

Putting all your thoughts on your sleeve is tempting. That makes the design unreadable and cluttered. Even the finest detail will be lost visually.

6. Give the full-sleeve tattoo four flat spaces.

Knowing where to put the most intricate parts of a sleeve is crucial. Eye-catching pieces are ideal for the forearm, bicep, and arm. Although using all of them is not mandatory, it remains a viable choice. Less is more. When there are big areas of shade, the whole sleeve can look better.

7. Consider the inside and outside.

Your inside forearm and inner bicep are concealed. The forearms and upper arms are always visible. That gives great separation for adding intriguing aspects. (e.g., terrifying and dangerous designs inside, peaceful and courteous outside)

8. Use your arm naturally.

Humans have curves. Arms are not flat. Tattoo artists should follow the body’s natural cycles. The design will be more flowing and sit better on the skin. A well-fitted sleeve may flatter the wearer.

9. Balance your sleeve. Dark vs bright, intricacy vs simplicity, sharp vs smooth.

Art needs balance. Do not go dark or very bright. Darkness needs light. Look for unique components in composition as an artist. Keep it engaging. Discoverable sleeves are better.

10. Avoid cluttering the sleeve with your thoughts. Less is more in art.

More tattoo ideas? That’s wonderful! The sleeves are small. So use only two or three designs for a sleeve and save the rest for more interesting tattoos on your legs, chest, or back.

11. A woman’s sleeve needs organic planning and more focus.

Women’s sleeve tattoos are difficult. Thinner space. A good flow that complements the silhouette is more crucial. Avoid masculine elements unless asked. Imagine creating a woman’s sleeves for an ethereal creature hovering a few centimetres above the earth.

12. Be original instead of imitating.

Tattoo photos abound online. It is quite simple to become lost in the depths of the Internet. Sometimes it’s preferable to be personal, pick ideas freely, and trust the artist.

Visit Sam Tattoo India if you also desire a full sleeve tattoo design!

Apr - 23

Avneet Kaur Unveils Her Bold and Beautiful First Tattoo: A Symbol of Strength and Delicacy

Television actress and social media star Avneet Kaur has taken her fans in awe with the latest reveal of her tattoos on Instagram. The actress, who is known for her strong and fierce persona, has added five tattoos to her collection so far. The first tattoo she revealed was of a lioness and a feather, with the caption “A lioness sleeps in the heart of every woman. It’s up to you to wake her up #newtattoo #lioness”, and we at Sam Tattoo India couldn’t be more impressed. It was the first tattoo that Avneet got from Sam Tattoo India, the best tattoo studio in Mumbai. She explained that the tattoo represents her inner strength and femininity, embodying both the fierceness of a lioness and the delicacy of a feather and flower.

Her fans were absolutely amazed by the tattoo of a lion with flowers and feathers, with many taking to social media to express their admiration for Avneet’s strength and beauty. One fan wrote, “How are you so strong… you are my inspiration.” Another commented, “Sherni!!” Avneet’s new tattoos have received widespread praise and love from her fans and fellow actors.

At Sam Tattoo Studio, we are proud to have been the chosen studio for Avneet’s back tattoo. Our talented artists work closely with each client to create meaningful and personalized tattoos, just like Avneet’s. Whether you’re looking for a bold and powerful design or a more delicate and intricate one, every professional tattoo artist at our studio has the skills and expertise to make your vision a reality.

So if you’re inspired by Avneet’s latest tattoo and are looking to get inked yourself, come visit us at Sam Tattoo Studio, the best tattoo studio in Malad. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always here to help you create the perfect tattoo that represents who you are and what you stand for.

Avneet Kaur has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, with numerous successful television shows under her belt. She will soon be making her Bollywood debut in the production Tiku Weds Sheru opposite Nawazuddin Siddiqui, produced by Kangana Ranaut. With her talent, beauty, and new tattoos, Avneet Kaur is sure to continue impressing her fans for years to come.

Mar - 23

Kirti Kulhari Unleashes Her Wild and Resilient Side with a Stunning Bougainvillea Tattoo!

Tattoo enthusiasts and fans of actress Kirti Kulhari were in for a treat when she recently showed off her calf tattoo on Instagram last April. She chose a magnificent bougainvillea flower that covered her left leg’s calf muscle. The actress shared a series of pictures and videos of the tattoo on her Instagram page, much to the delight of her followers.

In the photos and videos, Kirti can be seen lying on the tattoo table of Sam Tattoo India, calmly getting inked as she waved at the camera. She sported a comfortable and casual look, wearing a white sheer kurta and baggy khaki pants. The videos give a close-up look at the tattoo, showing the intricate details of the pink flowers and their green stem and leaves. The professional tattoo artist can also be seen filling in the hues to make the flower appear as natural as possible.

In the caption, Kirti revealed the reason behind her latest tattoo. She wrote that she has always been fascinated by the bougainvillea flower and finally decided to acknowledge her love for it by getting it inked on her body. To Kirti, the bougainvillea symbolizes innocent beauty that adds its own grace to everything it touches. She sees the flower as wild, resilient, and breathtakingly graceful, and it inspires her to be like it in her own life.

Getting a tattoo can be a painful experience, and Kirti is no stranger to that. In her caption, she also shared a friendly reminder to her followers, warning them about the calf area being a particularly painful spot to get inked. She admitted that she was rather impulsive when getting this tattoo from our custom tattoo studio in Mumbai, but the final result was certainly worth it.

In conclusion, Kirti Kulhari’s bougainvillea tattoo is a testament to her love for the beauty of nature. The bougainvillea flower is not only visually stunning but also carries a deep personal meaning for the actress. Sam Tattoo India, a tattoo studio in Malad, appreciates the art and creativity that goes into every tattoo, and we hope that Kirti’s new tattoo brings her joy and inspiration every time she looks at it.

If you’re inspired by Kirti’s latest tattoo and are looking for the best tattoo studio in Mumbai, visit Sam Tattoo India for expert and personalized tattoo services. We are renowned for our commitment to the exceptional quality of work and unparalleled customer service. With a team of highly skilled and experienced tattoo artists, we create unique and stunning tattoos that not only look amazing but also hold a place in your heart forever.

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