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Apr - 24

Customizing Your Krishna Tattoo: Tips for Personalizing Your Radhe Krishna Design

Lord Krishna represents love, peace and spirituality. If you adhere to religious beliefs or are interested in getting a tattoo of Lord Krishna displayed on your hand, you are welcome to follow the tips mentioned below for customising your Radha Krishna tattoo.

Tips for Customising Krishna Tattoo Designs

  • Choose a tattoo style: A person’s cultural background greatly impacts the tattoo style they choose. Some popular tattoo styles that you may want to consider including in your own design are: realist, new school, traditional, watercolour, minimalistic and traditional Indian.
  • Choose a skilled tattoo artist: Find a tattoo artist who focuses on the style you like if you’re thinking about getting one. The best way to find out is to ask the artist directly; however, looking at their portfolio is typically a good guide. You should schedule some quality time to talk to your tattoo artist about your ideas for blending your tattoo topic with your preferred style.
  • Provide image references, if possible: Being ready is beneficial. To explain your imagination, you should provide as much information as possible. It is our standard practice to suggest perusing both tattoos and related photos. For instance, if you’re interested in getting a Radha Krishna tattoo with a modern twist, you may bring a raw drawing of how you wish to depict Radha and Krishna in your tattoo.

Popular Krishna Tattoo Designs to Consider When Personalising Your Tattoo

  • Lord Krishna Miniature Design: This tattoo design features Lord Krishna playing the flute while standing on a peacock feather. When it comes to getting a tattoo on the wrist or arm area, this shaded tattoo design is among the most stunning and artistically appealing designs on the market.
  • Flute Design: The flute is the symbol of Lord Krishna. You can acquire this flute tattoo design if you’re not interested in something particularly intricate. This design is one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs for the upper arm area, as it features a peacock feather, a sun and a flute in synchrony.
  • Vibrant Colour Designs: You may have a Thai tattoo design done for your arms if you want to include colours in your tattoo design. This design is perfect for getting on the wrist because of the sophisticated use of colours and shaded parts. 
  • Radhe Design: If you want your tattoo to include encryption, you can choose this Radhe tattoo design. It features a peacock feather, a flute and the word “Radhe” underneath it. There are many designs available for your wrist area, but this one is among the more aesthetically pleasing ones. 

Pick a tattoo design that says something about your character and the things you believe in in life. Contact us at Sam Tattoo to turn your Radha Krishna tattoo design into a reality.

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