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Aug - 22

Things To Know Before Getting A Body Piercing

We understand that getting a piercing for the first time might be intimidating, whether you’ve chosen to start with a traditional ear piercing or something edgier.

  1. Always Eat Something Before Getting A Piercing

Having some food prior to the piercing helps in keeping your blood sugar level stable which in turn prevents dizziness. Since piercing involves pain to some extent, you might feel dizzy or even faint if your blood sugar level falls. Thus, you are suggested to eat.

2. Try To Go Solo

While you might feel like taking your best friend or a family member while getting a piercing, it is suggested to avoid that thing. The primary reason is that people pass their nervous energy to others. Thus, you might become nervous right before the piercing process which will lead things to a worse situation. It is easier to connect with clients and keep them calm when they’re alone.

3. You Must Identify Your Allergies

Many people have nickel allergies, therefore it’s important to understand which metals can make your situation serious. If metal bothers you, it might also cause redness and a burning sensation. Be sure that the style you are selecting is a sure thing and won’t cause unsettling reactions.

4. Everything Getting Used Should Be Sterile

Everything your body comes in contact with at professional piercing services should be sterile. This includes everything from the jewelry, the chair, and the piercer’s hands, to the needle. It is crucial because any type of contamination can cause infection to your new piercing making the situation serious.

Walk directly back out of a piercing shop if they don’t immediately sanitize the jewelry and equipments or try to pierce you without using gloves.

5. Stay Clean

Cleaning your piercing is quite simple, but it’s essential to develop and stick to an aftercare routine. After a piercing, your body does repair itself, but you still need to support it. It is advised to clean the piercing and the area around it with saline solution or soap and water. It would be best to follow the routine twice a day.

6. You’ll Need To Avoid Swimming For A Few Days

You might need to avoid the water initially for a few days after the piercing.

For those who have just had piercings, it is advised to refrain from immersing them in unclean bodies of water such as lakes, pools, and hot tubs. You run the risk of exposing the piercing to harmful microorganisms by immersing it in these water bodies.

However, you can protect your piercing by wearing a waterproof wound-sealant bandage if you’re truly set on diving in or can’t avoid being near water.


    Getting a piercing involves post-care as well. Watch out for infection breakouts or any problems with it.

    To learn more about post-care piercing services in Malad, contact Sam Tattoo India today. We offer professional piercing services along with suggestions.

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