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Nov - 22

6 Iconic Small Tattoos For Women You Shouldn’t Miss Out!

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, you already know how big a commitment it is. Choosing a design that you won’t regret is the most important thing. If this is going to be your first tattoo, you can always start with a small one. To be impactful, it doesn’t always have to be big. In fact, there are some iconic small tattoos for women that you must absolutely check out!

In this article, we are going to highlight six iconic small tattoos for women that absolutely can’t be missed. To feel more comfortable, you can always look for a tattoo artist for woman.

Iconic Small Tattoos For Women

  • Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are among the incredibly popular and loved tattoo choices for modern women. The beautiful and feminine appearance of these winged insects makes them stand out even as a small work of art. Small butterfly tattoos are beautiful in both bold colors and traditional black ink. If you want to flaunt this lovely design, which stands for metamorphosis, nature, and freedom, get a small butterfly tattoo done on your wrist, shoulder, or any other preferred spot.

  • Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Native Americans believed that hanging dreamcatchers over their beds would keep them safe from nightmares. However, as body art, this beautiful design represents protection from harm. You can get this eye-catching tattoo inked to represent its significance and beauty.  After all, a dreamcatcher tattoo is a nice and beautiful design for inking that is shaped like a hoop and is made of webbings and feathers.

While getting a feminine tattoo done, make sure to consider choosing a tattoo artist for woman.

To make you feel comfortable and relaxed in case you are getting inked in an intimate body part, Sam Tattoo India also has female tattoo artist in Mumbai.

  • Angel Wings Tattoo

Both small and big tattoos of angel wings have incredible aesthetic appeal. Many women believe that this ethereal design represents their celestial nature. This may also evoke feelings of liberation or a strong desire to escape. For other women, the wings serve as a constant reminder of their guardian angel.

  • Heart Tattoo

For decades, women have loved getting heart tattoos. A tiny heart tattoo not only has a beautiful, simple design but also stands for the most powerful emotion: love. All forms of love, including romantic, familial, and even bereavement, can be represented with a heart tattoo. You only need to draw a few hearts to show yourself what’s important in life and to serve as a reminder to yourself. A lovely heart tattoo is a simple way to communicate how passionate and compassionate you are.

Even though a heart tattoo is a rather simple tattoo, a tattoo artist for woman can bring out the best version of it.

  • Dragonfly Tattoo

A dragonfly tattoo represents transformation, strength, bravery, and a free spirit, making it one of the best choices. This insect is also associated with some mystic beliefs. Dragonflies are regarded as symbols of purity and rebirth in Native American culture, while they are frequently depicted in Japanese art. This is most likely due to the fact that these small insects, which continue to fly forward to avoid retreating, are considered to be emblems of victory.

  • Sunflower Tattoo

The bright yellow color of this famous inking design is renowned to stand out even in small sizes. Due to its dedication to the sun, this specific floral design speaks for eternal love as well as religious belief. Do you wish to showcase your passionate personality? Then, getting a small and bright sunflower tattoo inked is an excellent way to express an essence of happiness, warmth, and joy.

Small tattoos are a great way to grab attention while maintaining a clean look. In recent times, they have risen in popularity as well.

Make sure to visit Sam Tattoo India if you’re planning to get inked by a female tattoo artist in Mumbai. We have some of the best professionals along with great pocket-friendly deals.

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