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Jul - 22

How Is A Tattoo Price Determined?

Getting a tattoo is an expensive investment, regardless of whether you decide to go for it on a whim or have been planning a budget separately for years. It is customary to provide a gratuity for the artist since tattoos are not inexpensive.

What influences the cost of a tattoo, how to estimate it, and how to detect whether your tattoo artist is ripping you off are all covered in this blog. With that, let’s look at how much tattoos cost, what influences the pricing, and which designs will cost you additional money.


Many factors go into determining the final price of your new tattoo. It’s not an easy question to answer. Everything from materials and size to location and inking affects the pricing.

There is no limit to how massive a piece may be. When it comes to getting vast and intricate tattoos, the cost might be prohibitive.

Size Counts

The size of the tattoo should be the initial consideration. The more extensive the tattoo, the more costly it will be to get it done. As a general rule, a tattoo under 2 inches is considered minor, 2 to 4 inches is medium, 4-6 inches is medium, and 6 inches or more is enormous.

To grasp how subjective these measurements are, it is vital to know that they are. To set their prices and sizes, tattoo artists will have to make these decisions. The design may easily be scaled up or down.

Customers who are worried about the expense of a tattoo might get it reduced if necessary. Try to create scalable designs, as long as they aren’t too detailed. Using this method, the client will have more freedom in the design, saving you time in the long run.

Location Matters

The position of the tattoo should also be taken into consideration. Different sections of the body have different prices. A more challenging location on the body may need a higher fee.

The cost of a finger will be less than that of a half sleeve. Size plays a role here, too. If you want to have a tattoo on your wrist, you may have to pay a different fee than getting one on your chest. Whatever your difficulty level is as an artist, that’s all that matters.

Size Counts

The materials will also have to be taken into consideration. Because of the increased complexity, a more ornate tattoo will need a higher initial outlay of cash. The tattoo will cost extra because of the complexity of the design and the number of colors, ink, and needles used, and the tattoo will cost extra. You’ll need to include the cost of the tattoo’s supplies in the final price.


The client meeting is an ideal time to go through all of the costs involved in getting a tattoo. When it comes to tattoo pricing, there are a lot of variables to consider. Total 16 items are used to create a tattoo and the artist expertise also matters. Take your time and think about every aspect of the tattoo before getting it.

When it comes to price, be thorough and precise. You won’t be able to go back and fix it quickly. If you are looking for the best tattoo studio in Mumbai, you can opt for Sam Tattoo India. We are the best and most trustable tattoo studio in Mumbai. Contact us today only to book your appointment with us!

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