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Mar - 23

Kirti Kulhari Unleashes Her Wild and Resilient Side with a Stunning Bougainvillea Tattoo!

Tattoo enthusiasts and fans of actress Kirti Kulhari were in for a treat when she recently showed off her calf tattoo on Instagram last April. She chose a magnificent bougainvillea flower that covered her left leg’s calf muscle. The actress shared a series of pictures and videos of the tattoo on her Instagram page, much to the delight of her followers.

In the photos and videos, Kirti can be seen lying on the tattoo table of Sam Tattoo India, calmly getting inked as she waved at the camera. She sported a comfortable and casual look, wearing a white sheer kurta and baggy khaki pants. The videos give a close-up look at the tattoo, showing the intricate details of the pink flowers and their green stem and leaves. The professional tattoo artist can also be seen filling in the hues to make the flower appear as natural as possible.

In the caption, Kirti revealed the reason behind her latest tattoo. She wrote that she has always been fascinated by the bougainvillea flower and finally decided to acknowledge her love for it by getting it inked on her body. To Kirti, the bougainvillea symbolizes innocent beauty that adds its own grace to everything it touches. She sees the flower as wild, resilient, and breathtakingly graceful, and it inspires her to be like it in her own life.

Getting a tattoo can be a painful experience, and Kirti is no stranger to that. In her caption, she also shared a friendly reminder to her followers, warning them about the calf area being a particularly painful spot to get inked. She admitted that she was rather impulsive when getting this tattoo from our custom tattoo studio in Mumbai, but the final result was certainly worth it.

In conclusion, Kirti Kulhari’s bougainvillea tattoo is a testament to her love for the beauty of nature. The bougainvillea flower is not only visually stunning but also carries a deep personal meaning for the actress. Sam Tattoo India, a tattoo studio in Malad, appreciates the art and creativity that goes into every tattoo, and we hope that Kirti’s new tattoo brings her joy and inspiration every time she looks at it.

If you’re inspired by Kirti’s latest tattoo and are looking for the best tattoo studio in Mumbai, visit Sam Tattoo India for expert and personalized tattoo services. We are renowned for our commitment to the exceptional quality of work and unparalleled customer service. With a team of highly skilled and experienced tattoo artists, we create unique and stunning tattoos that not only look amazing but also hold a place in your heart forever.

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